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We have a new Author joining us to take Steve’s position (although no one could ever take your place, Steve!), going by the ‘nym “Helo”.

He was looking for an outlet to vent and I read a bit of his stuff, and thought he would fit in nicely here at the Rant.

So everyone wish him a hearty Welcome Aboard, and try not to scare him off too soon. Okay?

I'm with Jason on this one

During a recent appearance with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin), President Bush called the citizens that are seeking to patrol the Arizona-Mexico border (in order to report illegal aliens sneaking across) “vigilantes”.

A second point missed by Bush is that the connotations of the word “vigilante” - someone who takes the law into his/her own hands - is not what the word actually meant.

Vigilantes were the watchmen of ancient Rome. They patrolled the streets looking for fires and other problems. It has the same root word as “vigilant” and “vigil”.

No laws are being broken by these people. They are choosing to peaceably assemble on American soil, and if they happen to notice a violation of the law (such as someone crossing into the United States at a point other than an approved border crossing), they will call the appropriate law enforcement agency. The CBP agents, in this case. No one will be physically abusive, but they will not hesitate to defend themselves (as is their right).

Yet we have the President insulting these people for doing the Federal Government’s job. The Mexican Government has been violating the human rights of those illegals streaming across their own southern border, yet they have also been printing up comic books and DVDs which explain how best to sneak across the American border (including what to say/do if they get arrested - basically to ask for a lawyer, not say anything, accept the deportation, and try again later).

We now have an estimated 1 million illegals coming across our southern border every year. The Feds are not only not doing anything to stop it, they are insulting those citizens who are. I have to wonder whether the Federal Goverment will attempt to prosecute these citizens.

People are starting to get really sick of all three branches of the Federal Government, with bought and paid for politicians and activist judges pushing a liberal/secular agenda. I’m still warning that we will have a Second American Revolution sometime within the next 20 years.

Stock up, build your shelters, get in some target practice, because it ain’t gonna be pretty.